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FAQ RoadNavigator RN100

I want to change the language of my GPS.
Follow the instructions in this document: Adjust language
I have a question concerning use of the Don’t Panic navigation software such as, how to enter a destination, select the fastest or shortest route, etc.
Please download the Don’t Panic software manual from our website or visit the Mireo website and view tutorial videos: http://www.mireo.hr/en/navigation-apps/
Every time I start the Software the settings have changed / I cannot save settings such as language.

In order to save changed settings please exit the software in the main menu before switching off the GPS

In order to change the language exit the software and then
change the GPS lanuage.

I cannot Start the navigation software / nothing happens when click on “Navigate” in the starting menu.

If the GPS is connected to a PC please disconnect it and try again or change/setup the StartpathClick the blue folder

Click the blue folderSelect \ResidentFlash\Dontpanic\Dontpanic.exe

cannot find the serial number needed to update the GPS.

The serial number can be found within Settings:

The GPS does not charge. Either the device itself or the charger is defective.
Please contact the helpdesk by email.
The GPS does not start. After switching the GPS on the logo appears but nothing further.
The firmware & Windows CE will need to be reinstalled. Please
contact the helpdesk by email for instructions.
I want to update the maps/I wish to update my GPS.
The Update tool will be available on our website.Be advised that the maps on your Roadnavigator RN100 are from the end of 2013 and therefore the most up to date maps currently available.
There was no manual with the GPS / Where can I find a user Manual
The user manual is available in four languages, you can download it from our website. For additional lanuages please visit: www.mireo.hr
How do I enter house numbers / I cannot always enter a house number
Not all house numbers are available, this is due to the fact that
the GPS makes use of user contributed Open Source maps. Please
visit www.openstreetmap.org for more information.
I cannot find a street / I cannot enter a certain address
It is possible that the street you are looking for is listed in a different region or suburb. It is also possible that the address is
not available yet. Please visit www.openstreetmap.org for more Information or see if the address is available there.
My GPS is broken and I wish to have it repaired.
Please contact our customer support by email.
I did not receive an SD card with my GPS.
A SD card is not needed, the software and maps are
preinstalled on the GPS. If the navigation software does not start Please see above solution or contact customer support.email.
There was no 220V mains charger with my GPS.
No 220V adapter was sold with the GPS. You can use the 12V
car charger to charge the GPS in the car or the USB cable if you have a 220V charger at home. Please note that charging the GPS using a computer does work but due to the low apacity it can take more than a day to fully charge the GPS this way.